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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brian Stow

Friendship, Pennsylvania, is probably a really nice town, but I've never been there. However, if their citizens are like 41 year old Scott Ashley, I have to say that I'll pass. In a video that is almost as nauseating as watching a Kardashian breed in digital format, you can watch him get tasered for unruly conduct in a game last night against the Rockies.
Thank God for Youtube.

After drunkenly antagonizing fans in his section, he was asked to leave, which didn't work, and then he was hit with a night club 6 times, which didn't work, and then he was tasered. The Pirates support the 2 officers who feared for their safety, and yeah... it was a typical night in Pittsburgh - only Ben Roethlisberger wasn't getting too agressive for his own good this time.

That said, going into the atmosphere of removing a drunken fan and having to deal with the abuse of other drunken police hating fans isn't easy. I know that it's part of the job, but there is something to not be said about this "don't tread on me" attitude that is escalated when idiot fans feel that just paying for their ticket entitles them to stay the course of the game and do whatever, whenever, to whoever.

And that just isn't so.

In light of Brian Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan who had the tar kicked out of him after a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers for simply wearing the wrong jersey in another team's stadium, there is no more mulligans for bad behavior. Stow is in a coma and has had part of his skull removed to stop some of the pain that he is in. If you want to donate to help him, you can see links in the actual article. At the current time, there is a $150,000 reward if you can turn in information leading to identities of the thugs that did this heinous act to him.
And for all that we do and say about team loyalty and general feistiness during games - razzing those who support other teams or talking trash - there is still a sense of when enough is enough OR at least a line that won't be crossed (verbal against the team to physical against the fan).
But when we don't know the difference and our loyalties are for grandfalloons that we choose to see as ourselves - even when we're not even near good enough to make A level minor league teams... then something is amiss, and for that, there has to be a call to rationality again.

Either that, or people can just leave the games and go to a roadhouse where this stuff is expected and condoned - unless Patrick Swayze has something to say about it.

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