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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fausto Carmona

I can remember the first time I saw Fausto Carmona. It was July 31, 2006, and I predicted to my friend Pete that David Ortiz would take his sorry self deep and in effect win the game. With a single swing of the bat, he did just that.
I was jubilant.
It's not like it takes a Nostradamus all hopped up on mescaline to see the future of that. Frankly, Carmona sucked in 2006. He wasn't cut out to be a reliever. In fact, he was so bad, he went 1-10 with a 5.42 ERA for the Indians that year.
The next year, he rebuilt himself for 1 year and came up with 19 wins and 8 losses and posting an ERA just over 3.00 for the year. Other than 4 bad games after June 1st, he was stellar and would have been a sub 3.00 guy.
However, the next 2 years were back to the same old same old, and he barely played and lost more than he won despite finishing 8-7 the next year.
So this year, he was 3-0 with a 2.96 ERA and I wondered if he refound his steroids connection, and immediately, I felt suckered into picking him up to replace a lackluster Ben Sheets on my fantasy team. Thus, it seems only obvious that Carmona responded by immediately pooping the bed by letting up 6 runs in the first 5 innings.
I guess it's to be expected. He's not that good and really offers no upside except for hope, and frankly, I shouldn't have been buying that Obama T-shirt, but that's fantasy baseball. Promise appears, and we buy in.
Ike Davis comes out of the gate like a beast, and I pick him up for both teams, and he rewards me by starting off the night 0-2. Hence, he's gone for Wade Leblanc - call it betting on the future. It can't be worse than betting on a guy who saw better days when George W. Bush was still in office.
I don't drop Joel Piniero because he has a sub 4.00 ERA and he lets up 9 runs. Welcome back, buddy! That's the Joel Piniero I knew was inside you. Good riddance! Now, I get to add Mike Pelfrey to my roster (guess my fellow teams don't follow rookies like this obsessive blogger!).

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