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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chris Jakubauskas

We all know the power of a baseball to do damage. After all, Randy Johnson did obliterate a dove with his nasty fastball on March 24, 2001.
Many batters have been hit by pitches. Hughie Jennings, Don Baylor, and Craig Biggio made a career of it. Barry Bonds came to the plate clad in armor to protect himself from getting hit. In that, I still wonder who would want to plunk Bonds (nevertheless, I'm hoping Dallas Braden plunks A-Rod, but that's just me).
However, there's nothing scarier for a pitcher than being beaned in the head. While a shot to the groin might sound bad and hurt like hell, not being able to breed or worry about when sex is going to come might actually be a relief for most people, but the thought of a ball coming back at double the speed it came in at and leaving one a vegetable, now that's a different story altogether.
The Deadball era came to an end with Ray Chapman being killed by a Yankee.
Chris' career started off with an event that might see it ending before it truly began. On his fourth batter, he let up his second hit, which created two runs after he left.
Fortunately, he's only on the 15 day disabled list, and while there are no internal injuries or fractures, it's the feeling of will he always be afraid of the ball coming back at him like this. After all, this was his first game in the majors. His parents were there, and with 1 swing of Lance Berkman's bat, he might be done for good.
Not that it matters, but the Pirates might be hurt even more than that 20-0 shutout loss to the Brew Crew the other night, which was their worst shutout loss in their ENTIRE history. That's saying something.
So we here at this fine site hope for the best in physical and working condition for Mr. Jakubauskas.
It's the least we can do as fans of the game and the good things in life.

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