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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dexter Fowler

Did you see that catch that Fowler made last night to preserve Ubaldo Jimenez’s no hitter? Damn. There’s something about a sweet defensive play that preserves the integrity of a no hitter, no matter how many walks have been let up before that moment, that really says, “this is what it’s all about.”
Fowler was on my fantasy teams last year, and I originally had him on the team this year, but chose to move in a new direction rather early. I’m not saying he’s not a great hitter, but I had to start out quickly or risk getting caught in a nowhere bog quickly. Sadly, as I’m in 7th place with the Fightin’ Amish, it seems like I can give up a 162 game season early. However, with the Amish Paradise Green Dragons, I’m back in first again. I’m feeling the potential to dominate.
This shift happened today, but it could have happened yesterday if I left Jimenez on the active roster, but as I carry extra pitchers, I forgot to move him up for his game, and wham… a sub 1.00 WHIP, a 0.00 ERA, and more than a handful of whiffs didn’t come my way (nor did the win). Last year, I got lucky with Mark Buehrle’s perfection game, but this year… not so much.
Such is the life of a fantasy gamer.
Some days are good for baseball, and some days… not so much. Jair Jurrjens pitched another solid performance, but he didn’t get his first win of the season yet. However, thanks to Jason Heyward, the Braves won. That said, I don’t really feel for the Braves. I just like those 2 guys as far as players.
The Red Sox blew it again. It doesn’t seem to be news. Not drifting into 4th place will be a great accomplishment this season. Having a great defense has proven to be a craptastic strategy when the team has NO offense. Fortunately, it seems that Francona and Epstein (well, Theo at least) has given up on Big Papi. Someone had to pull the plug on the 2004 season, which is long since over. Sadly, it would be like keeping Ted Williams’ head on the team because he was once great. Let’s retire the number and start looking to trade the farmclub for Adrian Gonzalez.
It’s never too early to do anything drastic.
After all, it’s only a game, and in that, it’s time to play to win.

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