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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dallas Braden

It sucks to be Alex Rodriguez today. Sure, he's moving up the homerun list, but it sucks to ask who someone is when you're trying to look really cool after being a lazy ass that just stomps over his base and then to have him end up pitching a perfect game less than 3 weeks later.
E-bay features a 2007 exquisite rookie silver that is bidding at cents under $50.00 with 5 hours to go and it's got a dozen bidders already.
People are taking notice.
Not my fantasy leagues. I grabbed him for the team that he wasn't on right after the game. These people just don't watch rookies. That said, whatever they're doing must be better than I am since I'm 9th and 3rd out of 10 teams... but it is 162 games.
That's 2 no hit games in the first 2 months by 2 young stars.
Speaking of no hitter pitchers, Ubaldo Jimenez got robbed by his offense of being 6-0 as he only let up 1 run in 7 innings. It's not Pedro Martinez and Harvey Haddix unloved, but it sure feels like Randy Johnson squaring off against Jose Jimenez and losing 1 game to a no hitter and the other game to a 2 hitter. Prior to getting nailed for a ban substance, those were 2 of his 24 wins. On the flip side, he lost 44 times.
Now that's bad luck.
But Braden is young and has upside. I don't think it's nearly $100 worth of upside that the rookie card might go for when the auction is over, but it's still upside.
Who knows? Maybe he'll be more like Randy Johnson than Len Barker when it's all over, but whatever he ends up being, he's 1 of 19 people to throw a gem.
And that's something.

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